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7 Genius Kitchen Hacks You Didn’t Realise Existed

Everyone loves a life hack nowadays and it seems that any tip or trick is welcomed in every area of life. When it comes to cooking, any hack is even more useful. So when HouseholdHacker came along and told us all about how to save time, space and ingredients in your kitchen, we were all ears.

From making use of your leftovers to making midnight snacks out of frozen cookie dough and bottle tops, this video will cover you for any kitchen hacks you might need. It could even open your eyes to hacks you didn't even think you could do. Food about to expire? Not sure what to make with your leftovers? Craving a particular food? Look no further, because we have all the answers in the video below.

Helpful or what? I'm not going to forget that doughnut trick in a hurry, that's for sure. It's definitely quicker than making doughnuts from scratch.