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6 Of the best secret menu items to order at each of your favorite fast food restaurants

There's more to fast food menus that meets the eye, but you guys already knew that. The most popular chains offer secret menu items that anyone can order - the only problem is most people don't even know these options exist.

If you're tired of your usual Big Mag and want to be a savvy consumer, keep scrolling to discover the secret menu choices at a few popular fast food chains.

1. McDonald's: Big McChicken

This is a Big Mac whose buns have been replaced with fried chicken patties. Dare I say, like the Double Down but better. Why is it better, you ask? Big Mac sauce, of course. Plus, look at all that meat.

2. Chipotle: Nachos 

Why don't Chipotle serve nachos? Only because you've been going about it all wrong. Ask for nacho chips with beans, cheese (shredded or melted), meat, vegetables, sour cream and salsa. You get a better experience.

3. Taco Bell: Enchirito 

This is a customized burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla. It's tasty, plus it's super fun to say. En-chirrrrr-itoooo.

4. Burger King: Suicide burger

Four patties, four slices of cheese, a heaping pile of bacon and special sauce. Just looking at this gives me heartburn, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't eat three of them in one sitting. Totally worth it.

5. Chick-fil-A: Chicken Quesadilla 

This is char-broiled chicken with cheese melted in a large flour tortilla. I put this on the list because I bet there are many times you'd walk into a Chick-fil-A and want some Mexican. Well, you're welcome.

6. In-N-Out Burger: protein style burger

For the health conscious, this is a bunless, gluten-free burger, where a beef patty is sandwiched between two pieces of iceberg lettuce. Just don't look at the calorie count. Maybe stick to one patty too, if you really want to be healthy.

Mind blown right? Remember you don't have to have all of the secret menu orders at once. Pace yourself to one a week, or maybe one a day if you absolutely can't wait. As usual, have these as part of your (very good and totally healthy) balanced diet.