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43-Year-old mother of seven reveals everything she eats in a single day

A lot of you reading this now are probably in the "prime of your life" dreading the day you actually have to grow up or one day look down and discover the body you revered so much has been replaced with a pot-bellied, roly-poly intruder (regretting every Big Mac and fries you ever ate).

An equal amount of you readers are probably a little more mature and while you may not have the perpetual fear of the above happening to you, you still think it would be nice to have an old t-shirt that fits or be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not have your lungs want to fall out your body.

No matter where you are in life we can all take inspiration from this amazing mother of seven who says she is now in better shape than she was in her early twenties. All down to - you guessed it - good diet and exercise.

Jessica Enslow, 43, from Utah, gave birth to her first child in 1994 when she was just 19 years old. She soon fell pregnant again, welcoming her second child in 1996 when she was 21, and went on to expand her family another five times over the following 19 years with two different husbands, giving birth to her youngest child in 2013.

But despite giving birth to - and then raising - seven kids, Jessica has proudly revealed that she is actually is better shape than she ever was before she had kids, and boasts incredibly youthful looks that mean she could pass for the same age as her eldest children, who are in their early twenties.

Whenever the mom shares images of herself posing with her eldest daughter Alyssa, 22, her Instagram followers - of which there are many - are quick to comment on the fact that they look more like 'sisters' than a mother and her daughter.

Jessica admitted that she also didn't realize she wouldn't bounce back to her pre-pregnancy size immediately after giving birth. "I literally got home from the hospital and immediately put on my pre-pregnancy jeans only to find they wouldn't go any farther than mid-thigh, this is when extreme fear and a little depression set in," she shared.

As a busy mom, she had to find ways of incorporating working out into her daily routine. Before she embarked on her fitness overhaul in 2017, Jessica said she used to eat Nutella every day and do random workouts she found on Pinterest.

"That's when things started getting REALLY out of hand with my body composition and finally prompted me to change my daily habits." She now goes to the gym three times a week while her children are in school, and also gets up early every Monday morning to do cardio. "I also know if there’s a will there’s a way," she wrote on Instagram.

When it comes to diet, Jessica eats "intuitively", and stopped tracking her macros. She has trained herself to stop eating when she's satisfied, not completely full, by being more mindful during mealtimes. The dedicated mother also ensures she's eating lots of protein at each meal and her go-to carbs include oatmeal, fruit and whole grain bread.

Jessica also keeps snacking to a minimum, and while she admits that she might "grab a bite or two of my kids white toast, fries or cereal, or have a few chocolate chips to satisfy my cravings", she prefers to snack on jerky or protein chips if she really needs something between meals.

Controversially, while some people swear by cheat meals to keep them motivated during the week, Jessica revealed that she tries to avoid them, as her metabolism "just can't handle a burger, fries, milkshake, and dessert once or twice a week, unless I up my cardio and workout more!" She's also a fan of supplements, saying she feels more productive when she takes Warrior Fuel Hers Pink Burst, even on the days she's not working out.

Despite her huge weight loss she has escaped lots of stretch marks and loose skin. She does however empathize that the "huge majority" of mothers "wouldn't trade their children for a flawless body. We all kinda know that's part of the deal."

"Just stay consistent and if you fall off the wagon, just brush it off and get back at it as soon as you are able!" she encourages. Now this is someone to follow for fitspiration.