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28 Of The Most Hysterically Inappropriate Grandparents That Still Behave Like Teenagers

Grandparents are pretty amazing - even though we generally take them for granted. No matter how old we get, they still love to shower us with love, gifts, and most importantly their outrageous sense of humor.

They're the most underrated comedians there are - from their inappropriate anecdotes to their unintentionally hysterical one-liners, they really know how to make us burst into fits of laughter.

I mean, just look at these hilarious texts sent from grandparents:

So, without further ado, here are 28 grandparents who will make you cry with laughter:

1. I kit(ty) you not

There's nothing worse than catty neighbors.

2. I think we'd all be salty about that

Welcome to the digital age where self-centeredness is everyone's highest priority, even your own grandma.

3. When your grandma fits right in with the spring breakers

Doreen is whoreen' it up with the girls.

4. It was a GRANDuation

If she's this turnt up now, what was she like back in the day?!

5. Grandad might just be onto something

I totally see the logic: no meat means lower cholesterol, meaning fewer clogged up arteries, meaning lower blood pressure meaning less blood pumped around the body, meaning extra coldness. It's not a long shot at all.

6. Harry Potter totally trumps the pope's funeral

We all remember watching movies on VHS tape at our grandma's house, right?

7. The excitement is real

When you have plenty of grandkids already, you lose the capacity for genuine excitement.

8. You can crawl under my umbrella. ella, ella, eh, eh

Bi the way, he's a photo of you under a "gay ass umbrella". That is all. Love, Grandma.

9. Gran-ime for the win

You thought hand-me-downs were bad - what about hand-me-ups?

10. You thought you had an embarrassing grandma

Just preparing the granddaughter's potential husband for his future. It ain't looking too bad...

11. Well, that's not outrageous behavior at all

I mean, the most people would usually shout out in a bingo hall is well, "bingo", this lowkey savage clearly has other ideas.

12. Was this grandma actually dating James Dean?!

Just to remind herself of what could have been...

13. Because there's no coward like the kind that misses bingo night

And this guy fought in World War II, he knows a thing or two about cowardice.

14. "No Grandpa, I did not just go oot the back to kick aw the bins doon for fun"

I mean, they may have done that for fun back in his day, but who does he take us for - baby boomers?!

15. When you don't even have the face only a grandmother could love

Savage doesn't even cut it.

16. There's no kind of imagery like the kind you get when your grandpa tells you his pants have "no ballroom"

Erm oversharer much?

17. "My grandma got into a fight with our mixer. The mixer won."

When you have no choice but to admit to yourself that your grandma is a loser in every sense of the word.


I mean, is she wrong?

19. "My 90-year-old grandma mailed a homemade vest for me to 'wear to parties.' It's... amazing."

You laugh but this vest really would be great for a party... well, a house party... for one.

20. "My Grandma is getting pretty high tech these days..."

Things change over the generations but one thing remains the same: we all love an adorable kitty photo, or two, or three...

21. From one feline-loving granny to another

"Birthday present from my grandma. She gets it, man"

22. When your granny legit thinks she's a Sk8er Boi

But for some reason, she's dressed like she's about to film an 80s fitness video.

23. "I'M A VIRGIN"

It's totally an old shirt though...

24. "My grandma made me a photo album for my graduation gift..."

This is what being a good grandparent is all about. Splashing the cash.

25. Where else is "Big Dick" back in?

He sure knows how to make an entrance.

26. "My grandmother loves Tim Tebow, so we got her this for her birthday."

Erm, can I please get Tim Tebow for my birthday?

27. "Briefly mentioned to my Granny that I was stressed about money. She sent me $8 :)."

It's a small token of love, alright.

28. "This one time somebody asked [my grandma] pointing towards me - 'O ke?' ('Who is she?'). She replied - "Ota toh ami." ('That is me.')"

I mean, clearly the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

So there you have it: 28 grandparents who clearly need to get their own TV shows for being their unintentionally hilarious selves.