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24 Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Right Before Disaster Struck

When photography was invented, nobody could have predicted that it would have such a profound effect on popular culture. Of course, back in the 1800's a camera was predominantly used to capture a stale old family portrait so it was impossible to foresee photography becoming an integral part of everyday life.

Today a majority of the world has access to a camera, whether it built into their smartphone or a stand-alone device. This accessibility to a memory-capturing device means that every day we are recording moments both candid and choreographed.  Both formats often result in some hilarious snaps, which are completely unique in their own way.

Talking of unique, it doesn't get much more perfect than the following pictures, which were all taken at precisely the right moment...

1. Chunder child

Teachers are never very understanding when you tell them that you're sick. So, they got what they deserved here...

2. *Que Jaws theme music*

You don't need to have watched Jaws to know that this is not a good situation to be in...

3. This doggy has no style

Animals are unpredictable creatures, as this woman learned when she chose to have an innocent sunbathe.

4. Open wide! 

We have absolutely no idea what is happening here, but it's probably best not to ask too many questions!

5. Splash back

Some people think that they own the road just because they have a big car, and if this photo proves anything, it is that that's true. Enjoy your walk girls!

6. Face shot!

This man's fight or flight mechanism is clearly broken - and so was his pride after this photo was snapped.

7. No bad omens...

There aren't many colors that mix well with a white dress, least of all a pint of Guinness.

8. Remember the five-second rule!

Have you ever seen anything so heartbreaking? Thankfully the five-second rule exists! Sadly any chance of getting a good snap of this cake for Instagram have been lost.

9. Bike bail out

There is never anything very flattering about falling over, as this guy hilariously and painfully proves in this rather uncomfortable snap.

10. Girl crush

This scene is similar to when one of my friends steals my clothes, or some of my food from the fridge. Instantly, I turn into the woman in red.

11. Salon slick

Lovingly styling your hair before a festival is just about one of the more pointless activities on the planet. Here is a case and point example.

12. Riding in style

This photo really was taken shortly before disaster as there is a very small chance that this girl didn't escape without some serious injuries.

13. Catch the cake!

There is nothing worse than seeing something you have lovingly created fall to ruin, especially when it involves food. Her face says it all.

14. Shower time!

Approximately two seconds after this photo was taken, this girl turned into the Hulk and made those boys seriously regret every partaking in lad culture.

15. Dive bomb

Falling onto the hard, wet concrete may just knock some sense into this guy. They do say no sense no feeling!

16. Ball to the face

A photo will never accurately depict how much pain was felt at that exact moment in time, but if the face of the girl in the blue hoody is anything to go by, this one hurt.

17. A light bite

Animals in captivity may look friendly, but at the end of the day they're meant to be wild. Therefore, approaching one of these animals is certainly a risk, as this photo displays.

18. That's going to hurt

Were they intentionally trying to knock all of his teeth out? Or, is this a game you play in redneck society?

19. Swinging high

This girl is just one step away from being classified as an unidentified flying object!

20. Has anyone seen my brakes?

At this precise moment we can safely assume that this guy was re-thinking his career choice.

21. He clearly couldn't handle his drink

These two must have hit their glasses with some extreme force to create such chaos. There have been battlefields that look less disastrous than this - even the picture on the wall is judging you!

22. I'll just catch up with you later

If you look really closely, you can almost feel the pain.

23. Flying high

How many times do you have to tell people? Humans cannot fly!

24. Picture perfect pose

Trying to pose with your friends for a perfect picture while intoxicated is never going to end well!