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24 Of The “Luckiest” Life Situations People Have Found Themselves In

I'm a member of the last generation to have had an internet-free childhood. When it became widespread in my teens, my dad worried that I'd fall victim to one of the many of the pop-ups that littered the internet, proclaiming that I was the "luckiest" person on the web.

Thankfully, I was never that naive. I simply laughed when I saw the bizarre ads and continued surfing. All I cared about in 2005 was getting the latest cheat codes for The Sims anyway. But it turns out that luck frequently masquerades itself in bizarre ways offline too.

Here are 25 situations that you'll only experience if you're a lucky person...

1. Oh the irony...

Who'd have thought that the problem and the solution would be so close together? We can only hope that there was another extinguisher nearby.

2. What a coincidence...

There are very rare occasions when signs can take on a whole new meaning. This flooding has caused one of them. It really is Water Street now!

3. Talk about a close call

It was like this tree knew it was eventually going to fall near a car and deliberately grew in a way that would cause the least amount of damage...

4. This 'Good Boy'.

e Gods were smiling on this iPhone owner

Us humans are extremely superstitious when it comes to luck. Even though I know that it's ridiculous, I can't help but feel a sense of impending doom whenever I see a lone magpie. Now I salute it an attempt to cancel out my imaginary bad luck!

5. This is what winning the Pop Tart lottery looks like...

There are certain foods which are guilty pleasures for most of us, and if they're sweet like Pop Tarts, there's nothing better than getting a little extra.

6. This product isn't as effective as it's supposed to be

Training animals is a particularly tricky process, and this bottle is testament to the fact that there's no miracle solution that can be bought and sold.

7. That's some workout...

I used to work in a sports shop, and it was the most ironic place in the world. People would buy weights but have candy in their other bags.

8. This isn't promising

If you're going to make an impressive claim, then you should at least create the illusion that it's true. Somebody's getting fired for this sign.

My mom is incredibly superstitious when it comes to luck. She has countless sayings that rule her life, and one of them ended up hurting me when I refused to make notes for college on a Sunday. Why? Because it's supposedly bad luck to use scissors on the Sabbath Day.

After years of avoiding them on a Sunday, my mom corrected me and said it was only bad luck if you cut your nails.

9. Yeah, maybe these fliers weren't the best idea

Can you imagine how many trees would be saved if environmental groups decided not to make fliers? It doesn't bear thinking about.

10. Remember those pop-ups I mentioned? This is giving me déjà vu...

There are some companies - and as it turns out fortune cookies - who go out of their way to try and make everyone feel like they're special. Sadly, not everyone is one in a million.

11. I have so many questions...

The only explanation for this gate is that it's part of an unfinished fence. That, or it's a very odd way of making off where this field ends and begins.

12. She must be so flexible

If a nail artist wanted to show off their talents, then surely it would have made more sense to give the model a manicure for this advert? Logic!

There are countless symbols representing luck around the world. One of my favorites is the Chinese lucky cat. It has a waving paw that supposedly beckons luck into your home or business. So the next time you see one out and about, you'll know what it's for.

13. A service you can trust - not! 

I can imagine that one of the worst feelings in the world for motorists seeing their cars get clamped, especially if they got it clamped accidentally!

14. Well, it certainly looks like a door to me

This picture is almost as bad as the fake pockets which exist on the majority of women's trousers and jackets. Why make them if we can't use them?

15. Talk about being determined not to get wet

She was lucky that there was someone around who was willing to carry her through that nasty flood. It looks like only her feet got wet.

16. This isn't what fortune cookies are supposed to do...

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, my favourite thing about going to a Chinese restaurant was getting a fortune cookie. It's a good thing I never got one like this!

Despite being commonly served in Chinese restaurants, a little-known fact about fortune cookies is that they actually originate from Japan. What's more is that there's a factory in Brooklyn, NJ that has a database of 10,000 readymade fortunes for cookies!

17. The Domino's brand name takes on a whole new meaning here

This picture is so brilliant because Domino's could probably get away with using it as a part of a PR campaign. Domio's by name as well as nature.

18. Someone should probably tell her...

We can only assume that this little girl was posing for a picture in a cut-out that had faces on both sides. This hilarious picture was just an accident!

19. Talk about dressing appropriately

There's a lot of brilliant pictures on the internet of people who've accidentally dressed as their surroundings. What were the chances of this woman's dress exactly matching these cars?!

20. So close and yet so far

Sometimes the biggest fails can happen when you're still half asleep. Trust me, I woke up one morning and tried to wash my hair with toothpaste!

At its heart, luck is all about chance. So if you want to become a luckier person, you have to be open to as many new opportunities as possible. If you are, it's more than likely that some good fortune will befall you as a result of trying new things!

21. Maybe he's immune to rain

It's easy to see when your car needs a wash. When this guy saw the rain, he should have put down his hose and let Mother Nature finish the job.

22. When you accidentally match with strangers...

By total coincidence, this happened to me when I was in work. At least 10 people in the same office all chose to wear stripes on the same day.

23. What are the chances?!

Not only did this person's tattoo come to life, but it came to life exactly, as this dragonfly is the same color as their tattoo as well!

24. Maybe this inspired J.K. Rowling...

As you can probably tell from the quality of this photograph, it was taken long before the first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001.

There's no denying that some people in this list got a lot luckier than others. Have you ever gotten lucky in an usual way? Luck might have a positive effect on people's lives, but unfortunately it's completely unpredictable, so there's no telling when or if it will happen to you.

... And let's face it, most of us would rather not pour something onto an upturned glass instead of inside it.