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22 Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Laugh… Then Recoil In Horror

Food might be one of the things which makes the world go round, but unfortunately, not everyone is a natural born chef. In fact, some people have literally no culinary instincts whatsoever. When I first moved out of my parents' house, I struggled to even fry tofu. Thankfully, none of my flatmates were home when I accidentally set off the fire alarm and sprinklers.

While that was embarrassing, my attempts to cook since then have been far from plain sailing. When I recently tried to heat up a pan, I unknowingly started what can only be described as a chemical fire. Unbeknownst to me, my flatmate had left cleaning product on the hob and it burnt through the pan. To make things worse, our cat ended up retching as a result.

To see some of the funniest cooking fails ever caught on camera, check out the video below:

However, it turns out that while I'm far from being the next Gordon Ramsay, my cooking fails have been comparatively minor compared to other people's. After all, the second major fail wasn't exactly my fault. But the same can't be said for the person who served a cake so scary that a child started to cry, or the guy who melted a chopping board on the hob...

1. How was this even possible?!

It wouldn't take a genius to work out that plastic and heat aren't a match made in Heaven.

2. An Italian's worst nightmare.

Bon appétit!

3. What happened to Spongebob?!

He looks like he is decomposing.

4. What is that?!

This look like something straight out of a horror movie.

5. A great meal to make for someone you don't like.

To be fair to whoever made these, they actually look quite tasty... even if they'd only be appropriate at Halloween.

6. That's one fat horse!

This is another one that probably still tasted good even if it looked far from okay.

7. This actually looks dangerous...

Just like when my pan caused a chemical explosion, this was the result of the safety features on a pressure cooker failing.

8. Your breakfast knows what you did last night.

And it does not approve. Now go sort out your hangover.

9. One of the kids at this birthday party started crying when he saw this cake:

Poor Mr. Hedgehog.

10. This bread is gluten, fat, and sugar-free.

And, quite frankly, it belongs in the trash.

11. Sometimes all it takes for a cooking fail is an unsteady hand.

I feel this person's pain. I burst out crying when I did the same thing to a bowl of loaded fries.

12. This person did this deliberately to see which one they could trust.

But I don't think it was worth ruining a perfectly good pan for.

13. Microwaves can be tricky mistresses.

Seriously, check out this list of what you should avoid putting in them.

14. This guy's girlfriend had been nagging him to decorate their kitchen.

Although I'm not quite sure this was the sort of "fresh lick of paint" she had in mind.

15. This will haunt your dreams, child or not. 

Apart from Hannibal Lecter, who in their right mind would eat a baby-shaped meatloaf? Yikes.

16. As if we needed more proof of global warming

Poor Olaf. He didn't stand a chance.

17. Now there's no need to roll your eyes at me, giant rabbit!

The sad thing is that I bet he looked really cute before he went into the oven.

18. When you overestimate your strength in the kitchen:

Whoever did this should probably hit the gym.

19. When someone takes the instruction "peel half the potatoes" too literally:

I can't even.

20. A smurf on acid.

So, if you class yourself as a novice chef and want to whip up something complicated, you might want to stop and think twice before you attempt it. But if you've got a good sense of humor and can handle the horror of what you might create, then go right ahead. That being said, if you're making a children's cake and it turns out monstrous, I wouldn't recommend serving it.