22 Crimes Against Food Serving Committed By Restaurants

There’s a lot of aggressive competition out there for restaurants, bars and cafes. Whether it’s just for fun, or an attempt to gain a little attention in a competitive market, many institutions try to be as innovative as possible with their cuisine. A lot of the time this can be pretty good, adding a little extra fun to your meal and making the place stick out in your mind.

But sometimes, in the search to be original, methods of serving can step over the edge from quirky tradition into complete insanity.

1. Shovelling food into your mouth

2. AnĀ order of orange juice gets you this

3. Fit for a king

4. An odd cocktail

5. Spot the food?

6. Coffee served in a carrot

7. Beneath a miniature olive tree

8. There are mushrooms in there, somewhere …

9. When you’re out of cups …

10. There are no words

11. A dangerous meal

12. Meat is murder?

13. They went a bit overboard on this one …

14. Where do you start?

15. This looks delicious but impossible to eat

16. The clear winner

17. “Hold out your hand”

18. For the dog lovers out there

19. Hopefully their prices are cut in half too

20. Grilled cheese hung from a hook over soup

21. A bacon washing-line

22. Deconstructing a meal

You know you’ve gone too far when your customer is more inconvenienced with the task of eating your dish than amazed by your imagination. I don’t know how I would even approach eating some of these, or how barbed wire can pass any health and safety test.

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