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21 Food Tattoos That Are Guaranteed To Put You Off Your Next Meal

It's often recommended that if you get a tattoo, you get something that's meaningful to you. After all, no one wants to permanently mark their skin with something that they might regret. And for many people, one of the most meaningful things in their life is food. However, as you're about to learn, sometimes getting a food tattoo can be a terrible, terrible mistake...

Sure, tattoos might be more elaborate than ever before, but if you don't thoroughly research your artist, or chose a design or position that's unfortunate, well, you could end up a laughing stock. To put this in context, we've compiled a list of 21 of the worst food tattoos in existence. Try not to retch as you read through this list, which I don't recommend reading before you eat!

1. I'd no idea Ronald McDonald was so aggressive

I think a tattoo of Stephen King's It would be less unsettling, to be honest.

2. What an egg-celent breakfast tattoo!

... If you're visually impaired and can somehow blink this monstrosity into something appealing.

3. A demonic burger

This is the sort of thing that would haunt a child's dreams.

4. I guess this one is sort of cute

But this artist's skills leave a lot to be desired.

5. Eh, there's something missing from this pizza

Maybe it's a vegan order...

6. Now that's what I call dedication to mac 'n' cheese

That being said, you can have too much of a good thing and this tattoo is proof.

7. That's one way to decorate your beer belly

Although I don't imagine this tattoo will do this guy any favors when it comes to getting laid.

8. At least this person got a healthy tattoo

Yeah, you peel, eat and repeat!

9. All hail the king of food tattoos

How to let everyone know that you prefer Burger King to McDonald's.

10. Talk about making a statement

I can only assume that a vegan or a vegetarian got this tattoo.

11. No one wants their pits to smell like onions

But it turns out that this woman was perfectly content to have hers look like one.

12. She's got wings!

Although I'm not sure I'd describe them as "hot wings". Either way, they're fairly well tattooed compared to others on this list.

13. This person clearly didn't like June Cleaver

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that they thought she was a cow.

14. This is literally a butch tattoo

I wonder if this person has a favorite cut of meat...

15. Who knew that it was possible to love porridge this much?!

She thought this was a t-oat-ally rad tattoo idea.

16. What a loo-dicrious concept

I can't think of a logical reason why anyone would get a tattoo of a cake sitting on a toilet. Maybe this person lost a bet.

17. Marking your love of trotters on your trotters

This person took their love of bacon to a whole new level.

18. Taco-ing your love of Mexican to the sky

Well, it's a pretty angelic meal if I do say so myself.

19. Ronald McDonald really needs to stop flashing his fries

Seriously, he's a kids' entertainer.

20. Protein builds muscle

Although, personally, I think this person's arms would have looked better without this inking.

21. This spud looks a little too chill

Maybe it's been growing alongside a very different type of plant.

So there you have it - 21 food tattoos that are guaranteed to put you off your next meal. One thing's for sure - I think that after reading this list we can all agree that food is best enjoyed in the moment. Even if you're the world's biggest fan of burgers, unless you go to a seriously talented artist, you're going to be left looking more than a little stupid if you get one on your skin.