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20 Times Food Companies Screwed Us Over With Their Packaging

The first principle of good business practice is giving people what they pay for. After all, anything that massively deviates from this is a form of fraud which not only damages a company's reputation but could lead to legal repercussions. But that hasn't stopped countless food companies around the world duping us with their extremely misleading packaging.

This is no doubt a reflection of the fact that most food costs little more than a few dollars, and the questionable marketing teams at these businesses are most likely hoping that consumers won't think it's worth it to complain. Now that we're living in the age of social media, however, with nothing more than few clicks, they can be exposed for screwing people over.

So, without further ado, here are 20 examples of how food companies totally screwed us over with their packaging:

1. Gain a frown when you turn your tortillas upside down.

Someone give this man a medal.

2. Evil.

There is no other word to describe it. May the Pepperoni Gods smite this pizza place.

3. Whoever designed this deserves to step on a plug.

Or fall down a manhole. I'm easy with either.

4. They pushed the tea to the front of the jars...

I'd have definitely taken this back to the store. I bet they cost a lot too.

5. "Approx 40 count"

I'm pretty sure 27 snack rolls isn't the same as 40.

6. Imaging giving this to your other half on Valentine's Day.

You'd be single before your cheque for dinner arrived.

7. "Homemade."

More like "home factory made". Yikes.


Petition to stop these monsters, everyone?!

9. That definitely looks like three salami...

So there's room for three, but those a*soles only gave you two.

10. "Delicious", you think to yourself, "with a hint of chocolate!"

Yeah, you can forget the chocolate part. Not so appetizing now, eh?

11. What a generous portion size!

Did they run out of jelly for these cookies or what?

12. Always check under the label when possible.

Butchers are in on this tyranny too.

13. There's no excuse for this one...

Whoever packaged the pizza put it in just the right position to just get away with it.

14. "4 thick half slices."

More like one and two quarters - if you can even call them quarters.

15. "The chocolate wafers I bought a week ago vs the ones I bought today. Same price ofc."

Villainy. Villainy at its finest!

16. There's nothing delightful about this.

"Sweet secrets"? The only secret here is this horribly misleading packaging.

17. Thought there would be another layer of chocolates?! Ha...


18. Kids love Spongebob!

But they don't love him so much when he looks more like Plankton... minus the green.

19. When you get mold instead of what you paid for.

Even if I was starving, I don't think I'd eat that monstrosity.

20. Corn dogs really are the ultimate snack food.

Just not when they look like flaccid, unnaturally thin weiner.

So there you have it - 20 examples of why you should always double check the packaging of what you buy at the store. Have you ever encountered any monstrosities like these before? Share them in the comments. People have to know!