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20 People Who Look Like They’ve Walked Straight Out Of A Superhero Movie

In a world where so many people strive to be carbon copies of each other, it's easy to feel sensitive if you have a physical quality which makes you different - whether it's an unusual eye color or a bizarrely shaped birthmark. But thanks to the body positivity movement, people are slowly but surely learning to embrace the biological quirks which make them different.

And trust me, being different can make you a heck of a lot more attractive - even if you don't think it does. The guy I'm currently dating has platinum blonde hair and it was what got us talking when we met in a bar. I couldn't believe that someone could naturally have hair that color - and it only became more fascinating when I discovered that he's mixed race.

To see 10 genetic mutations that made people superhuman, check out the video below:

Some people, however, have biological quirks so unique that, well, the only way to describe their appearances is that they look like they've walked straight out of a superhero movie. Science might have taught us a lot about the human body (we've been studying human anatomy since 275 BC), but these people are a testament to the fact that it will never stop surprising us.

1. An incredible look created entirely by Mother Nature

Vitiligo might be unusual, but this picture is a testament to the fact that its effects can be seriously beautiful.

2. She's a real-life Spider Woman

Seriously, this woman could put any yoga instructor to shame.

3. This woman's freckles make her look beautifully unearthly

And her stunning blue-green eye color makes her look even more unique.

4. Eyes that are simultaneously blue and brown

Now, I don't know about you, but I've never seen this before - it makes my dark blue and yellow eyes look comparatively boring.

5. A child was born with 12 toes

This is the result of a surprisingly common condition called hexadactyly, which literally means six digits.

6. Born without legs, Kanya Sesser was never going to let her disability get in her way. 

She's managed to not only become an accomplished athlete but a lingerie model too. Speaking about what it's like to embrace what makes her different, Sesser said to People magazine, "I'm sexy in my own skin."

7. "My big toe is... not so big."

That must be one heck of a talking point whenever this guy wears flip-flops.

8. This little girl with a bionic arm

Isn't modern technology amazing?

9. An incredible example of heterochromia

This is a more striking example of the condition which makes my eyes blue and yellow. Fun fact: it can also affect hair and skin.

10. A small number of people are born with holes next to their ears

This condition is known as preauricular sinus and it's so rare that it affects less than one percent of people in the UK.

11. Sophia Hadjipanteli - a world-famous unibrow model

She decided to embrace her unibrow fully by dying her naturally blonde eyebrows black.

12. This person without a pinky

This is abnormality is known as symbrachydactyly and it can affect more than one limb. One in every 40,000 people has it.

13. Dru Presta is a 3 ft, 4 inch-tall model and a face of the body positivity movement

She's simultaneously breaking stereotypes in the fashion industry and encouraging people to love the skin that they're in. She said, "I want everybody in the fashion world just to be accepted. I want anybody to be able to walk that runway just like anybody else - whether you see them rolling down the runway in your wheelchair or on crutches."

14. This woman's moles make her look wonderfully unique

She could easily be mistaken for a model from another planet.

15. A very rare pupil anomaly

This picture would look incredible if it was turned into a watercolor painting. Just look at those colors!

16. The dark-skinned tribes in the Solomon Islands have a "homegrown" gene that gives them blonde hair.

It affects around 10% of inhabitants on the islands and it's not the same gene which causes blonde hair in Europeans.

17. "Discovered I have the distichiasis mutation which means I have multiple rows of eyelashes."

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, this is pretty much the exact color of my eyes.

18. Single partition pinkies

This is the result of a condition known as brachydactyly which literally means "shortness of the fingers and toes".

19. Polycoria - AKA when a person has more than one pupil

This condition can be either congenital or the result of a disease affecting the iris.

20. Can you work out what makes this person's hand so unusual? 

Just like being born with six toes, this is a surprisingly common biological abnormality.

So, if this list is anything to go by, when the artists at Marvel are coming up with ideas for their next superhero and want to give them some extremely unique features, they really don't have to look much further than humankind's biological quirks.

Have you got an unusual feature yourself? Or do you know someone with one? Let us know in the comments section!