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20 Hipster Serving Trends That Will Have You Screaming For A Plate

Hipsters spend all of their time trying to look effortlessly cool. Which, by default, makes them decidedly uncool. It takes them hours of trawling through piles of vintage clothes to find the perfect shabby chic outfit, their fingers are numb from endlessly scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, and don't get me started on what it takes to become a hipster foodie!

Whether you're a hipster yourself or are just looking for a way to quirk up your dinner table, we at Food Envy have decided to compile a list of the greatest (and the most shameful) hipster food trends from around the world. You won't be able to look at certain foods in the same light again once you've read this article.

Are you worried that you might be an accidental hipster? The video below will give you a definitive answer:

Now, I'm not a hipster, but I do admire the creativity of the subculture - even if it's occasionally ridiculous (okay, that's a lie, it's ridiculous most of the time). But when it comes to food, some hipster serving trends are actually an improvement like serving condiments in quirky "look at that!" ways, but others like serving a latte in an avocado, well, I'm not so sure.

So, without further ado, here are 20 hipster serving trends from around the world...

1. Risotto in a cup

Why have risotto on a plate when you can have it in a cup? If anything, this is just a more arty version of Cup o' Noodles. When you're finished, all you need to do is wash out the cup, and you can use it to serve yourself an equally small dessert!

2. Onion number holders

Hipsters have to shake up every part of the dining experience and that includes order number holders. This particular restaurant decided to use onions. We can only live in the hope that they were replaced regularly...

3. Umbrella tarts

Whoever thought of serving tarts in an umbrella needs to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror, or, more realistically, their restaurant. Not only would the umbrella make the tarts harder to eat, but it looks extremely stupid.

4. Flat boards

Flat boards are all the rage when it comes to serving food on something other than a plate. In fact, the past two restaurants I've been in have served me food in this way, and I wouldn't say that either was a particularly hipster place!

5. A mac and cheese ax

This restaurant decided to take the flat board concept a step too far and serve mac and cheese inside an ax that was stuck in a flat board. The upside to this bizarre serving idea is that this portion of mac and cheese looks particularly generous!

6. Test tube coffee

Hipsters have decided to drink their espressos from test tubes. I doubt this trend will catch on, especially as this coffee shop's had to put the test tube inside a small glass to keep it upright. It just seems like a lot of fuss for nothing.

7. Mason jars

It doesn't matter whether it's a drink, dessert, or even a salad - if it can fit inside a mason jar, that's how hipster restaurants will serve it. Even if you think they look silly, you shouldn't be complaining, as it usually means you get a much bigger portion.

8. Mousetrap cheese

Hipsters are serving cheese in a mouse trap. It's a dining experience with the added thrill of potential danger. We can only hope and pray that any hipster restaurants that serve cheese in this bizarre way don't actually set the mouse traps.

9. Spade meal

Serving a meal in a spade is a bad idea. It's not even an item you'd necessarily associate with lumberjacks. It's a hipster food trend that deserves to appear once or twice on Instagram (if that) and then die out completely!

10. Corn screw

Instead of serving corn on the cob on a traditional skewer, hipsters have decided to use screws instead. It's a way of quirking up a meal without making it look too bizarre. That being said, screws are known to rust so it's unlikely you'd be able to reuse them.

11. Hipster Bolognese

Yup, that's bolognese carefully served in three different jars. Can you imagine how much less iconic the kissing scene from Lady and the Tramp would be if they'd had hipster bolognese? I think I'll pass on this one.

12. Beer beaker

This might look bizarre, but it's certainly creative, and beer is one of a few liquids that has a similar appearance to chemicals when it's placed in a beaker. What's more is that you'll know exactly what you've drunk thanks to the measurements on the side!

13. Tempura shoe

Of all the objects you could use to serve food, a shoe has to be one of the worst. It looks like it's a used shoe as well. Who would want to eat from a high heel that once held a sweaty foot and now holds your greasy tempura? I think I'll pass.

14. Spring rolls in shot glasses

Spring rolls in shot glasses actually look delicious. There's nothing better than a spring roll with sweet chili sauce, and hipsters have decided to add to their spring roll serving experience by attaching prawns to their meal as well!

15. Coleslaw grocery cart

Hipsters love to serve condiments in unusual ways and I'm all for it. As long as it's not served in a second-hand item, I can appreciate the quirky glory of having my coleslaw served in a grocery cart beside my meal - on a flat board, naturally.

16. Bangers and mash in a glass

Hipsters serve sausages and mashed potatoes in wine glasses. Whilst there's not as much to eat of this traditional meal, once again, it's a good way of enjoying one of your favorite foods in moderation especially if you're looking to lose some weight.

17. A burger in a scale

For some insane reason, hipsters are serving burgers in scales - forever ruining what would otherwise be a delicious meal. No one could enjoy a burger knowing exactly what it weighs. The guilt would be too much.

18. Baby bottle wine

Hipsters have decided that traditional wine glasses should be reserved for food, and wine, well, it's best served in a baby's bottle. The only upside to this is that there's absolutely no risk of spillage if you've had a few bottles too many!

19. Food on a rock

It's hard to say exactly what this food is. It looks like a small starter to me. But what makes it truly ridiculous is the fact that it's served on a rock. It seems that hipsters will serve food on anything apart from plates. Speaking of which...

20. No plates

There are some hipster restaurants which have decided to save themselves the bother of finding objects to serve food on, or quirky ways of presenting dishes, instead, they've decided to simply serve meals without any plates. Each to their own, I guess.

So there you have it - 20 hipster food trends from around the world. Have any of them inspired you to shake up your dining experience at home? And are there any items on this list that you'd simply refuse to eat from? Let us know in the comments!