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Discontinued Foods We’re Begging Them To Bring Back To Supermarket Shelves

There's nothing better than discovering a food that you can't get enough of - especially when you're a kid. But for most of us, many quintessential foods from our childhoods no longer exist. I have vivd memories of eating Mingles in the early noughties - a minty chocolate snack - that was popular in the UK at the time. I remember having a box of them at my very first sleepover. The Mingles were scattered everywhere when we got a bit too enthusiastic watching Kangaroo Jack on VHS!

I feel old just thinking about all the discontinued foods I wish were still around. Another treat that I loved sneaking home in my backpack were Rowntree's Bursting Bugs. As the name suggests, these were bug-shaped candies filled with a gooey centre. When you're still in middle school, things like that are cool. Here at Food Envy we've decided to take you on a trip down memory lane by reminding you of all the discontinued foods we wish we could gorge ourselves on one last time...

What Discontinued Foods Would You Bring Back?

There's a reason some foods aren't around. It's natural selection. Adults and kids alike having ever changing palettes that unfortunately force certain foods out of the market. That being said, some of the foods that have been discontinued were, as far as I can remember, incredibly popular! These are the foods we wish were still on our shelves...