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15 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

If you're anything like me, instead of cooking meals at home or ordering takeout, you like to go out and enjoy lunch or dinner at a restaurant. All over these public eateries, whether you're in a Michelin-star restaurant or a greasy diner, you'll find servers excited to take down your order and bring your food to you in the comfort of your seat.

At the end of a meal, when you're paying the bill, some people like to tip their waiter or waitress 20 percent of the overall bill, but I don't think a server or waitress deserves one fifth of the money you've already paid to eat your delicious food. Once I illustrate why, I'm sure you'll agree with me.

1. We all know servers all get massive paychecks

2. They also benefit from a nice and carefree work environment

3. Why should I pay them extra for what is such a stress-free job?

4. They're probably getting a big tip from someone else, anyway

5. Think of all the free food they must get!

6. Plus, think of all the times your server's given you terrible service

7. I'd also really like to reiterate how chilled out their work environment is

8. I wish I had a server's work hours

9. They don't have to deal with anything unusual...

10. Or with difficult customers...

11. Customers that can be very easily pleased

12. I mean, who wouldn't want to deal with hungry people all day?

13. It's not like they have extra duties they don't get paid for, either

14. Really, how hard can it be to carry a couple of plates and glasses?

15. Most importantly, why should I tip a server for them to keep all to themselves?

Now you know how easy and chilled out (not to mention lucrative) it is to be a server, you'll understand exactly why I don't tip them 20 percent: I actually try to tip them a great deal more. I hope you're more tuned into the immense stress that a server is under for your convenience. Next time you go out, treat them with the respect they deserve, and tip them accordingly to boot.