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19 times Meghan Markle proved beyond doubt that she’s a serious foodie

If you're not already familiar with Meghan Markle, you will be very soon. The American actress, known for her role in the hit show Suits, has recently announced her engagement to Prince Harry and everyone is swooning over the gorgeous couple, dare I say it... more than Will and Kate.

Whilst everyone loses their minds over the wedding details us foodies can rejoice that we now have a high profile food lover about to become royalty, what great news. If you didn't already know, our girl Meghan has a truly massive appreciation of food.

She's a talented cook, a pro at ordering at the best restaurants, and she also doesn't shy away from sharing her best eats on Instagram. She even ran a food and travel site called The Tig - what a keeper! Still unconvinced? Here are 19 times that Meghan proved she loves food as much as you do.

1. She knows how to do Thanksgiving right

This spread shows she knows how to throw down at Thanksgiving, a trying time for any chef.

2. Her hybrids aren't faff 

Take a look at this Frittata-Shakshuka hybrid, it blends Italian and middle eastern cuisine well and looks amazing.

3. Her breakfasts' are epic 

Be it breakfast or brunch, Meghan doesn't miss a single trick when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

4. She keeps it real 

What would a foodie be without an inspirational quote about pizza?

5. She enjoys the simple things in life

Avocado toast isn't quite beans on toast, but it's still super easy to make. Knowing Meghan still keeps it simple from time to time is refreshing for the average Joe at home.

6. She enjoys carbs like the rest of us 

Her "date nights for one" include pasta and wine. Who can relate?

7. She knows how to indulge

Check out these monster ice cream cones, they're a cup of milk and brownie away from being classed as a freakshake! Meghan knows how to treat herself and her friends.

8. She loves puns 

Whats the best way to a foodie's heart? A food-related pun of course.

9. She enjoys a Sunday roast

This Sunday roast is one of the most aesthetically pleasing I've ever seen. Sunday roasts are a big thing in England and it looks like she's already got accustomed to the culture. Look at that Yorkshire pudding!

10. She loves a farmers market

Buying high-quality food that helps the local community, the basis of a true foodie.

11. She can roast a mean turkey

What would turkey day be without the perfect roast? It takes a skilled chef to pose with their turkey and post it to social media.

12. She is a pizza lover 

First pasta now pizza, it's hard not to love her! On an Instagram post, she says "I've never met a slice I didn't like" Me too Megs.

13. She loves ramen

This is what seals the deal for me. Ramen for the win.

14. She's a Greek freak

Who doesn't love a good Mediterranean spread? I bet she has a mean tzatziki recipe.

15. She loves herself some caviar

Marrying into royalty probably means she'll be having a lot more dishes like this - and why not, caviar is great.

16. She can keep it lean

Check out this perfect-looking bowl of spelt linguine and turkey meatballs. Looks and sounds delicious.

17. She orders lobster for room service 

Meghan is living her best life. She even sings rock lobster while she eats lobster.

18. She loves fried chicken too

In a post to Instagram, she wrote, "Late night fried chicken dinner from @eatflock makes me endlessly happy". Also look how the tea towel and baking paper resemble the American flag, what a keeper.

19. She has burgers for lunch

You know that feeling when you're like "I probably shouldn't have a burger for lunch" and then buy one anyway, Meghan does that too. What a small world.

After reading this list you can only imagine what the food spread at the wedding would be like. Imagine your glutton for food had the budget of the fifth richest monarchy in the world. That sounds like good eating. I think I want to marry Harry now.