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19 Ridiculous Things Servers Have Received Instead Of A Tip

Over the years, humans have adopted a variety of traditions which have become integral parts of society. So integral, that nobody teaches you these things, you just know that it's the way things are done automatically and never question it.

For example, it is an unspoken rule that when in a restaurant, you tip your server. It's a custom carried out across the world, helping to provide some extra income for those who work limitless shifts whilst being paid the minimum wage. Even in instances where the staff are clearly paid handsomely for their work, it's still customary to leave a token to show your appreciation for their service.

In America, tipping is important. There are few countries that are so generous with regard to tipping than the US, where it is standard to tip 20% of the total bill. So when a customer doesn't leave a tip, it can cause quite a commotion...

Here are just a few examples of times when the customer decided to go rogue in disgraceful fashion...

1. *Rolls eyes*

Yet, they were perfectly happy to benefit from the services of a person of color? The hypocrisy of this is cringe-worthy.

2. Thanks Obama

The most alarming thing about this is the fairly hostile way that "MY FAIR SHARE IN TAXES" is written.

3. Throw the Bible at them

Was this note left by a group of kindergarten students? Because surely no adult would leave such a note.

4. Ignorant customers are the worst

If the customer doesn't understand the value of non-US citizens working within the retail and restaurant industry, then they don't deserve to be served in the first place.

5. U R WeLcOmE

There is a fair level of double standards here, given that the waiter was also serving and doing their job. Surely they're entitled to a tip too?

6. Look a little closer...

If $1 million notes did exist, the world would be a very frightening place!

7.  Words of wisdom

I have read this three times and I still can't understand the meaning of this bizarre fortune.

8. No value

Whoever thought this was funny clearly doesn't get out much.

9. Nothing beats cold hard cash

The audacity of this customer to believe that his telephone number was more valuable than cold hard cash is outrageous.

10.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No doubt this is the exact pose your waiter will pull next time you enter a restaurant and request a free refill. Sorry, no can do.

11. It's a prank bro

The world is an incredibly cruel place, but few things are as cold as this.

12. Condolences from a customer

The concerning thing about this condolence card is the fact that the customer will have had to carry it round to leave at just the right moment.

13. Split it

When somebody suggests splitting the bill, I am not sure that this is what they had in mind.

14. Thanks for the tip, Sir!

Clearly this customer fancied themselves as a bit of a joker, but the joke is on them because they'll likely end up with spit in their sandwich next time they return to this place.

15. *Points to the suggestions box*

Customers do know that the tip box and suggestions box are two very different things, right?

16. There is no excuse for this

If you can't afford to leave even a small tip, do you deserve to even go out for a meal in the first place?

17. Too broke to eat

This student is too broke to leave a tip, but they weren't too poor to be able to spend $23 on their lunch. Surely a truly poor college student would just eat toast with beans?

18. It's lit!

Depending on the way in which you live your life, this could be the best or worst tip ever received.

19. Quick maths

This customer clearly struggles with math. However, I guarantee that if they'd have been overcharged on their bill they'd have spotted it within seconds.

In conclusion, it would appear that the restaurant industry may just be one of the most frustrating places to work and thus, if you do go out and eat, leave a tip for your poor long-suffering waiter!