17 Of The Coolest Food Packaging Designs Ever

Food packaging isn't the most exciting part of our lives. It's pretty mundane stuff. It's even associated with the more irritating parts about life - from its nebulous position spread across multiple recycling categories to those packets that just refuse to open.

In a way, that's what puts them in a prime position for some creative reinvention. It's fertile ground to create something new, inventive, and maybe even a little strange. The list below contains a multitude of these clever designs that you'll be dying to own.

1. This waste-free honey package turns into a beeswax candle

2. An "Egg Toaster" saves space with easy access

3. The morning commute

4. Life finds a way

5. A butterfly for your teabag

6. Sustainable egg boxes made of heat-pressed hay

7. These chocolates are made to look like an oil paint set

8. A milk carton that changes colour as it gets closer to expiring

9. This is really sweet

10. From wine box to birdhouse

11. Makes it look even healthier

12. No more over or under-serving

13. How did they come up with this?

14. These flowers open once the tea is brewed

15. Straight out the oven

16. Down to the last drop of wine

17. This one speaks for itself

I know that if I saw any of this list in the store I would drop anything to grab one. Maybe it's a blessing not all packaging is this good, because I would be running out of room in my shopping cart and money in my wallet.

If you're looking for more creative designs in unusual places, make sure you check out the artist who took coffee art to a new level with these beautiful masterpieces.

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