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15 Reasons Why I Could Never Ever Be A Server

Sometimes you can just see it from your server's face: they've been undertipped, their feet hurt and to top it all off they've had to deal with unpleasant customers all within the space of a four hour shift. Being a server is hard work, but people working in the hospitality industry have to get used to the feeling of being under-appreciated pretty quickly.

There are some great perks of being a server and they form some of the reasons why many of us continue to go back day after day. For example, it's great to know that we can get a job anywhere at anytime because restaurants are never not hiring. It's also great to be working cash-in-hand, knowing that once you finish your  shift, you get to go home and not worry about finishing some project or the other. And of course, the people you meet are just the best - they're there to help when you no longer have the energy to juggle seven tables and always magically appear to provide a shoulder to cry on when you've retreated to the pantry for a cry.

But more often than not, when you're slap bang in the middle of an eight hour shift, you inevitably come up with a bunch of reasons why you can't ever do this job again...

1. Because serving means that you have to watch other people have fun

While you're very much working

2. And you're on your feet all day 

Because this ALWAYS happens...

3. Which means that you're never not exhausted 

An accurate picture of us, one hour into a shift...

4. So you deal with customers like this

As little work as possible please


5. It's the worst when your customer thinks you control the restaurant

You can't please everyone

6. And then the long hours start to get to you 

*Cancels plans again*

7. Because you're made to serve food when you're starving 

It's just plain cruel

8. AND you have to deal with customers who linger 

I guess another two hours have been added to the shift...

9. I mean, it's pretty obvious...


10. And then they undertip you


11. Or they don't tip you at all 


12. The bus boys take your non-existent tips 


13. Sometimes your customers just don't know when to stop 

They should really know better by now

14. Friday becomes the worst day of the week 

Because everyone is out partying, but not you

15. But after all of this, you've learnt something very important about human nature

Because you're a server too

So there we go, despite the upsides, being a server can often be incredibly stressful and unrewarding. But it's ok because when we've had a bad day we can just do this with the other servers...