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15 Servers Share Their Worst Ever Customer Stories And We Are Shook

Anyone who has ever worked as a server knows that it's a special kind of hell. My first job was as a waitress in a nursing home. Not only did I have the responsibility of serving and preparing food, I was dealing with people who frequently forgot what they ordered (through no fault of their own, of course) and obviously this made my job a lot harder - especially when an old man convinced himself that he was, in fact, in a five-star restaurant and complained that the food was sub-par.

To shed light on the difficulties of working as a server, people have been sharing their worst customer stories on Twitter, and to be honest, they make my old job look like a breeze. At least the people who made my life difficult had an excuse. The thread appeared after @ghetto04 claimed that if you want to be a server, you have to be "braver than the marines."

While some might argue that working as a server is nothing compared to a life in the military (and I can only vouch for being a server), shockingly, some users of the microblogging website actually replied to @ghetto004 and said that they had been in the military and worked in the restaurant business and would happily return to the front line instead of the counter.

So, without further ado, here are 16 seriously unfortunate servers recounting their worst ever customer stories...

1. Dude, I'd have walked out. It was nacho problem.

Let's hope karma got the guy.

2. This should be illegal.

Seriously. If someone takes a dump in a public place, they deserve to be at the very least fined.

3. Some people don't understand basic English.

I'm glad they got charged more for being insufferably awkward.

4. If you're rude and impatient, your fast food won't be so fast.

Good on this server, that's what I say!

5. Um, is she alright in the head?

No, seriously. On what planet did she think this was necessary?

6. The veteran who'd genuinely rather go back to the battlefield

If this doesn't put how difficult a server's job is into context, nothing will.

7. The fairer sex has even more problems to deal with.

I can attest to this too. No 17-year-old wants to get groped by a man in his 90s.

8. Think before you complain, people!


Because, funnily enough, restaurants exist to make money. Duh.

9. "Casual dining."

Imagine having the audacity to steal someone else's food when they haven't even left the restaurant. Shameless.

10. I can only assume that this was a larger lady!

That or this server should have called the cops for a serious strangulation threat.

11. Because sexism is still a very real thing.

You'd think that in this day and age people would realize that there's no difference between genders.

12. Some allergy...

This is an insult to anyone who has to be very careful about what they eat because of allergies.

13. Talk about kicking a dog when it's down.

I'd have grabbed the shoe off him and lobbed him in the head.

14. That's assault. Plain and simple.

All for a freakin' milkshake.

15. There are no words for this.

Can she read?!

So, if there's anything to be learned from this list, it's this: please treat your server with kindness and respect. Seriously, they're doing a very hard job for minimal reward and the last thing they need are a*shole customers causing havoc for the sake of it.