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14 Women Show Off Their Incredible Body Transformations – Without Losing A Single Pound

Losing weight can be tough, but did you know that just because the numbers on the scale aren't moving doesn't mean you aren't burning the fat and totally transforming your body?

Muscle weighs more than fat, so chances are, if you've gained muscle, you could be losing inches without losing overall body weight.

Muscle mass is lean and looks great. Plus, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you'll burn at rest. So you could be saying bye-bye to that unwanted fat while you sit on the couch or take a nap! This is why resistance or weight training is always recommended to be a part of any exercise routine.

Looking for proof? These 14 women totally transformed their bodies and look a fraction of their starting weight but, in fact, weigh exactly the same amount! Have a look for yourself. They'll leave you wanting to hit the gym asap!

1. 130 lbs

"Would you care if your weight stayed the same if your body composition completely changed? What’s your actual goal? If it’s actually body recomposition, I hope this visual helps you realize how pointless it is to let a number have any power over you." - Jessi Jean Fitness

2. 150 lbs

"She is 5’2 and 150lbs in both pics...but the pictures truly show the difference between just losing weight, and being healthy and strong both mentally and physically!" - Nicole Raczynski

3. 137 lbs

"Sometimes I want to get rid of the scale and at the same time, I love it because of things like this! The scale LIES!! And I am proof!' - Leslie Bingham

4. 158 lbs

"I needed to give myself a reality check which is why I’ve put these images together because the last time I weighed this my body composition was completely different which means all this hard work I’ve been putting in is sooo worth it." - Staci Baldwin

5. 136 lbs

"Transformation #ScrewTheScales" - @fitness.iinspo

6. 123 lbs

"When I'm down I look at where I started.  How much I've achieved. The muscles I've worked hard for
#screwthescales. Turning fat into muscle has been my transformation." - Rachel

7. 150 lbs

"My client made progress from April to June in her first round of #Commit2Fit but now she has been on the plan for a year and this is her progress!" - Kyra Williams

8. 177 lbs

"The scale doesn't measure sexy." - Anne⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

9. 150 lbs

"Never let a number in itself describe your level of fitness and definitely not your self-worth." - @odasofiemagnussen

10. 125 lbs

"For anyone fretting over “holiday weight” this is your reminder to screw the f’ing scale! That number means nothing. What’s important is how you FEEL, if you’re being kind to your body (and mind), if you’re nourishing yourself with proper nutrients and letting your body sweat." - @screw.the.scale

11. 110 lbs

"My weight has not fluctuated and if anyone were to ask me just how many kgs I have lost, the truth is none. This is living proof that the number on the scale is not an accurate measure of progress. Although I may have been the same weight in both the pictures, it is pretty clear that I certainly do not look the same." - Lee

12. 114 lbs

"The scale only tells you a small part of the story, there's so much more to be told than a number." - Madalin Giorgetta

13. 138 lbs

"Weight is just weight... it measures nothing else but how heavy your body is. How heavy or light you are, DOES NOT DEFINE what your body will look like." - Nikki Gundy

14. 145 lbs

"Stop letting the scale determine your success. It’s literally just a number!" - Brittney Elizabeth

So remember folks - a number on the scales doesn't equate to how healthy you are!