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14 Foods That You Have To Bring Into The Bedroom At Least Once

Sex is great. Not only does it make the world go around, but it can bring couples closer together, and at its most basic level, it's just jolly good fun. However, as most of us can attest, when you're regularly getting it on with a partner, it's easy for things to get vanilla in the bedroom. While some couples like to spice things up with the addition of toys or even rope (depending on whether or not you're a Kink Wizard), there are others who love nothing more than bringing food into the bedroom.

Now, this is something which I've personally never done. The closest I've got to using food during sexy times (if you can even call it that) is flavored lube. But after discovering just how many foods can be used to improve your sex life - and more importantly - how they can be used, the next time I'm about to get down and dirty, I might just suggest it to my partner.

1. Strawberries

Strawberries are a great addition to sexy times because they taste great. Better still, you're more than likely to get some juice on your fingers (or other body parts) and that's something which your partner could help you out with as a form of foreplay.

2. Chocolate

First thing's first, chocolate is one of the best foods in the world (and it can be easily paired with strawberries). It's perfect for spreading over your partner (just make sure it's not too hot if you're melting it yourself) and licking it off their body.

3. Bananas

Aside from the fact that they're a great phallic representation that you can put in your mouth to tease your partner, bananas are also a great food to eat before the act as they contain vitamins that prevent leg cramps during sex.

4. Whipped cream

I'm going to let you use your imagination for this one.

5. Champagne

Few beverages are socially acceptable to pour on a naked body, but champagne is an exception. While your partner's body can taste good anyway, the addition of champagne (especially if you drink it too) can add a little class to drunken sexy times.

6. Cherries

Just like bananas, cherries are another great food to eat in front of your partner as a form of foreplay. Get them hot and bothered by sucking them and caressing them with your tongue - just watch out of the pits while you're at it.

7. Melons

Is oral sex not your forte? Worry not, melons have got your back. Before you even get into the bedroom, you can use them to simulate oral sex on a vagina. They're also boob-shaped if you cut them in half - basically, get creative with 'em.

8. Cucumbers

Why pay $25 for a good quality dildo when you can get one of these bad boys for less than a $1? They're also a great source of potassium, so if you're super into consuming your partners, um, juices, you might want to eat them afterward.

9. Oysters

Okay, while I wouldn't recommend bringing seafood into your actual bedroom, if you know you're going to be having sex, these are a great aphrodisiac to have beforehand. They'll help to turn you on, which will make the act that bit more exciting.

10. Ice cream

It's a great idea to play with different temperatures in the bedroom. They can create new sensations for your partner, and ice cream is fun for you to lick off their body. Just stick to classic flavors. No one wants to get nuts in their hoo-ha.

11. Gummy bears

These are great to lick and suck. You could even recreate the Lady and the Tramp kissing scene by sharing them with your partner. The only potential downside that I can think of is that if you rub them anywhere, things could get a little sticky.

12. Bacon

People blo*dy love bacon. If you and your partner are massive carnivores, bringing it into the bedroom could inspire you to get it on in a really primal way. If it's particularly hot, you could even use it to experiment with different temperatures like ice cream.

Disclaimer: the smell afterward might be a bit icky, but let's face it, we all end up a bit smelly after sex!

13. Cheese

Cheese is a great food to bring into the bedroom. You can blindfold your partner and have them really think about the sensations they're feeling and what they're tasting. You could even buy a few fancy varieties and have them guess what they're eating.

14. Shellfish

Like a few other foods on this list, shellfish are bite-sized, and if your partner is tied up, or even just lying down, feeding the bite-sized foods can be pretty hot. There's a reason so many classical paintings portrayed people feeding each other grapes.

So there you have it - 14 foods that have the potential to make your sexy times that bit sexier. While some are fairly obvious like whipped cream, maybe the more adventurous among you will be inspired to surprise your partner with a more unusual foodstuff like bacon. After all, when it comes to sex, just about anything goes (providing, of course, that everything is consensual and safe).