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13 Dangerous And Ridiculous Weight Loss Tips That The Kardashians Want You To Follow

The Kardashian's rise to fame has been problematic for a number of reasons since they exploded onto the scene in 2007 after Keeping Up With The Kardashians revolutionized reality television.

For example, many parents question whether Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are good influences on their young, impressionable children.

But it doesn't seem to matter how outrageously they behave, because every new scandal that surrounds the reality star clan is easily forgotten thanks to a strategically scheduled PR stunt and thus, the Kardashian girls continue their reign over the world.

Although, Kim's latest incident, involving appetite suppressing lollipops, may finally be the breaking point.

Fans were rightly outraged about her promotion of the sweet treats and as a result, the 37-year-old mom-of-three has had to do some serious damage control.

But this blunder has left many wondering just how educated the Kardashian sisters are when it comes to dieting. Sure, they all look fantastic, but can we really trust them to tell us what to/not to put in our bodies?

1. Suck on belly flattening lollypops

Things turned pretty sour for Kim earlier this month when she promoted an appetite suppressing lollipop on Instagram. With 111 million followers, Kim was no doubt paid a small fortune to advertise the controversial sweet - but did she let the payment cloud her judgment?

Kim called the lollipop and its affects "literally unreal" in the post, which has since been deleted. But for experts, it is Kim's lack of knowledge about the product which is the most unreal thing.

According to weight loss specialist Dr. Charlie Seltzer, there is little evidence to support that these lollipops even have a benefit.

Talking to Cosmpolitan, he cited a 28-day study of 20 adults which was conducted earlier this year. It found that there were no significant differences in food cravings, fullness, or hunger among subjects who took pills supplemented with the "diet suppressing" ingredient.

2. Avoid foods that contain mold

According to Khloe's nutritionist, "the perfect strategy for fat loss and muscular repair" is avoiding foods that contain molds - such as dairy, gluten and yeast.

Dr. Seltzer, meanwhile, isn't so convinced. "I can't make sense of how this could affect weight loss, besides the fact that mold-containing foods like blue cheese may have more calories than harder cheeses," he told Cosmopolitan.

3. Totally ditch dairy products

Emitting dairy from your diet has become incredibly popular in this modern world, but is there any benefit to it?

According to Khloe Kardashian, there is because she reportedly lost 11 pounds in a month by eliminating dairy from her diet.

Of course, this is possible for those who are allergic to dairy for it stops the body from retaining fluids. However, for most, cutting out cheese, milk and yogurts from your diet will make no difference because a lot of dairy-free alternatives have equally as many calories.

Intrigued as to how they find the time to work out? Watch Kim Kardashian as she runs through her daily routine...

It's not as easy as she makes it look!

4. Invest in a waist trainer

All of the Kardashian girls have been keen to promote waist training equipment, sparking thousands of girls around the world to invest in one of the rib restricting devices.

But, according to Daniel Maman, MD, a Harvard-trained cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon from New York, there is no point in the trend. "External compression via a waist trainer has absolutely zero permanent effect on fat distribution, intra-abdominal organ positioning, or body contouring," he told Cosmopolitan.

5. Cut out all carbs

I don't know about you, but I couldn't live without carbs - and who wants to? Life is far too short and carbs are far too delicious.

But if you're a Kardashian, carbs are your enemy. After giving birth to her second child, Kim followed the Atkins 40 diet to lose her baby weight. This meant she cut out all carbs from her diet, before slowly reintroducing selective foods like brown rice and yams.

But according to Dr. Seltzer, this is fruitless:

"Slowly reintroducing food you've eliminated after a very, very restrictive induction period should work on paper. But take bread away from someone who's been eating it for 30 years, and the first thing they're going to eat when they're off the diet is three loaves. If you have to do crazy sh*t to be lean, you're not going to be happy, and you lose."

6. Drink weight-loss teas

Every one of the Kardashian girls has promoted weight-loss teas on the Instagram account, prompting the diet tea industry to explode as millions of young girls and boys buy into the trend.

But, are they worth it? "Nothing you can take will have any real effect on your weight if you're not watching your caloric intake," says Dr. Seltzer.

7. Use chia seeds as an appetite suppressant 

Kourtney has previously revealed that she uses chia seeds to fill her up, so that she feels as though she has no room for anything else.

Whilst chia seeds are calorically dense, they can offer the same benefits to your diet as drinking a glass of water half an hour before a meal - and water, as we know, is calorie free.

8. Drink a probiotic shot after you've worked out

Kourtney is also fond of necking a probiotic shot immediately after working out. But, again, this isn't really going to benefit your body in any way.

"Some people believe probiotics improve gut health and hormonal levels, which can translate to weight loss," Dr. Seltzer says. "But the effects would be insignificant without a major calorie deficit. I never heard of probiotic shot after workouts doing anything."

9. Get rid of gluten

Khloe's nutritionist has cut gluten from her diet and Kourtney has even gone as far as to refuse her kids gluten, making them eat dairy-free, gluten-free cookies rather than cake.

This is all very well if you're allergic to gluten, but if you're not it could have a longer lasting effect on your body.

"Eliminating a food group until you reach your goal weight won't help you address any underlying issues like overeating, so you'll just put the weight back on once you reintroduce the food," Dr. Seltzer says.

10. Exercise in a sauna suit

Khloe often encourages her fans to copy her and work out in a sauna suit - a contraption that essentially stores your body heat during a workout - as it makes you sweat more than you usually would.

However, whilst this can help weight loss by increasing your body's temperature, it's not really recommended.

"The likelihood of overheating and dehydration is huge, and death is the worst-case scenario. And if you make up for all the water you're losing by drinking more, your stomach will feel sloshy and full, which can impact the quality of your workout," explains Dr. Seltzer.

11. Take cheat days

Whilst Khloe may work out ridiculously hard to achieve her body, she also allows herself an entire "treat day" where she will binge on things she usually avoids such as pizza and mac and cheese.

Instead, Dr. Seltzer believes it is much healthier to eat in moderation. "Eat what you like every day by controlling food quantities and by eating less during certain meals to compensate when you want to eat larger meals later on," he says.

12. Drink ghee every morning

Every morning Kourtney drinks this clarified butter which she claims works wonders for her weight by aiding her digestion.

But Dr. Seltzer doesn't buy into it. "I wouldn't ever drink fat in the morning because it provides extra calories without making you feel full," he says.  "Unless you like the way it tastes and it leads you to eat fewer calories later in the day, you'll be no better off."

13. Applying tea wraps for slimming days

Khloe is a big fan of tea wraps, which she applies to her stomach to help minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Whilst Dr. Seltzer believes these can help if you're carrying excess water below the skin's surface, he doesn't believe they are helpful for anyone on their own. "If you're carrying around an extra 50 pounds, you're not going to lose it by wrapping your body in anything," he says.

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So there you have it, the truth about the Kardashian's diets. Maybe next time you see them promote a new diet product, you'll think twice!