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12 Ways that donuts are actually good for you

How many times have you Googled self-improvement pieces, only to find out you already knew the information they try to pass off as innovative, revolutionary knowledge? Safe to say, I've had enough cold showers, breathing exercises and runs to last me a lifetime.

Not that they haven't improved my productivity and outlook on life, but it would be nice if something that doesn't involve inflicting pain on myself, maybe something that bestows nothing but pleasure on me.

Like donuts, for example. I think they're very pleasurable and if they were revealed to actually improve one's life rather than be shunned as a treat we should only eat on special occasions (rather than five at a time), that would be great. It would be even better if said benefits were given to us in easily digestible list form.

As things go, I actually have such a list. What are the chances? Here are a dozen reasons why donuts are good for you.

1. Donuts are perfection, and perfection is meant to be appreciated

2. Donuts turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

3. Donuts taste like childhood

4. Donuts inspire commitment 

5. Donuts provide motivation 

6. Donuts promote progress

7. Donuts are your reward

8. Donuts are dessert for breakfast

9. Donuts are the good china you never use 

10. Donuts set you free 

11. Donuts will turn your life around 

12. Donuts give you a break from the real world

Now, of course, this just a bit of fun and you shouldn't take this creed seriously. This is just another article you've read on the internet you clicked on to provide a few minutes of escape from today's treacherous earth. Eat everything in moderation, and try to share your box of doughnuts from time to time.