12 Pancake Masterpieces That Belong In Art Museums

When I'm eating a pancake, nothing else in the world matters. Fluffy deliciousness takes over your life for a moment, and in that moment there is no war, no sadness, no tragedy. Even just watching a hunk of butter slowing cascading down the slope of a hotcake, melting into its surface, is like a week-long vacation.

However, making a pancake is the complete opposite. It's stressful. It has to be a perfect circle. It needs to be cooked all the way through. It has to be flipped when it's golden brown. Some of us aren't good at flipping and make someone else do it (sorry dad). That's why I have such an appreciation for the following pancake creations. Sure, Van Gogh's paintings probably took some work, but that was probably child's play compared to the following.

1. The Pikachu

2. The Bieber

3. The Ape Cakes

4. The Yoda

5. The Scream

6. The Garfield

7. The Totoro

8. The Sea Turtle

9. The Heart

10. The Full Breakfast

11. The Tree House

12. The Dinosaur

For Reference: My Pancake Without Dad's Help

I feel like I just visited the Louvre on a rainy Paris day. These classic works of art shouldn't be digested, they should be curated. Can you imagine the patients, skill, and speed required for these pancakes? Maybe one day I'll make one, but first I need to graduate from the classic circle.

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