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11 Times Ricky Gervais Made Twitter Lunatics Look Foolish

Social media has become irrevocably woven into the fabric of our modern culture.

Clearly, there are both benefits and drawbacks to such online freedom; social media has connected us in hitherto unprecedented ways. Whether that is good thing or not remains largely open to debate.

Twitter has become the world's soapbox. No longer does one even need the heady qualification of being the "man in the street" upon whom news channels so inexplicably rely; now, you don't even need to be in the street, merely behind a laptop or smartphone, thumbs and forefingers at the ready.

Of course, with this being the internet, only the most extreme, hot-take, frankly bizarre opinions tend to gain any kind of traction - for better or worse.  Whether just desperate for some interaction with a celebrity for some strange version of validation, or else - scarily - actually believing the questionable opinions they spout, sometimes Twitter trolls simply need to be put back in their place. When it comes to doing exactly that, there are few better than Ricky Gervais. The witty, acerbic, entirely unapologetic comedian has his fair share of abuse on Twitter, but more often than not sends the would-be trolls packing in brutal fashion. Here are some of his best moments.

1. In a word

2. Religion is a hot topic

3. Sometimes he merely has to point out the obvious to crush the opposition

4. No seriously, religion comes up a lot

5. Oh, and he doesn't care if you're offended

6. Sometimes it really is too easy

7. And let's just say he sometimes courts the drama, because why on earth not?

8. Just in case he hadn't dealt with religion yet

9. He's more than happy to address his own flaws as well thou- oh, wait...

10. Not even the President can escape his ire

11. And sometimes, he's just plain brutal

Remaining funny and entertaining on Twitter is certainly an art form, and it would seem Gervais might well have perfected it. Sometimes, a little dose of common sense and an acerbic eye is all we need to brighten up our day.