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10 Tweets about Food Network which will have you in stitches

Nothing screams lazy weekend more than flicking over to the Food Network after you've had your breakfast and watched a cartoon or two. It acts as both an inoffensive time filler until you need to go out or do something else, or as inspiration for what you want to cook for lunch, dinner, and the week ahead.

Showcasing delicious food and inspiring treats isn't the only thing the Food Network is good for. Cringe-inducing catchphrases and laugh out loud "lols" are part and parcel of the package too (for better and worse). Having said that, here are 10 tweets about the Food Network that'll make you LOL.

1. The founding of Flavortown 

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dreams, wherever you are in life. Take Guy Fieri, for instance; he leads by example.

2. The queen of salted butter

Salted butter, whilst tasty and very useful isn't the be-all and end-all of basic cooking. Paula Dean would like to argue otherwise.

3. Jekyll and Hyde

Alton Brown has had a sort of rebrand in recent years. The dramatic change is captured perfectly by this meme turned tweet.

4. Ina Garten x Meryl Streep 

Who doesn't love a Meryl Streep meme? This time around she's rallying a call for GOOD VANILLA for an Ina Garten recipe (who else).

5. Guy Fieri's toilet

Diners, Drive-In's and Dives probably takes a toll on Guy Feiri's body. So much so that I, like @KatyPayne123, don't really want to be around when Guy needs to do his business.

6. Eyebrow game 

Bobby should probably stick to what he knows best. His venture into the beautician world resulted in some questionable eyebrows.

7. Food Network hate 

I think this Twitter user has jumped the gun a bit. I don't think everyone who watches the Food Network is uncultured swine. Still credit for a funny meme where credit is due.

8. Forever mold-breaking

I actually remember when this meme broke. Genuinely made my day a lot better. Yet to see any recipes for that dish though.

9. Storytelling

Like the tweet before, this Tweet highlights how funny it's going to be trying to explain how and why the world was so stupid back then.

10. A glitch in the matrix

What if I told you that Guy Fieri could be a normal person like you and me? What if he didn't have spiked hair and didn't say "bomb"? Would you want to live in that world?

As usual, Twitter has provided the unadulterated banter we so desperately need in our lives. I'd just like to say though, lay off of Guy Fieri internet, he's a really good guy.