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Petty restaurant reviewer gets destroyed by brutal response from the restaurant owner

I don't know about you, but I think that one of the coolest things about the internet today is that no matter where you go in the world, you can find somebody on the internet who's already been there and thinks it sucks.

Now, on the face of it, that sounds terrible. Why the heck would you want that? But if you can learn to look at things objectively and take every opinion with a pinch of salt, you never have to have a poor restaurant or hotel experience again. There's literally no excuse to be caught out.

Of course, from the perspective of restaurant owners, that situation can be a little bit of a double-edged sword.

The total transparency of it all means that anyone in the business is kept honest, but it also means that one poor review can be the difference between going out of business and getting featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, where 75 percent of your stock is decimated in mere hours by a rampant Guy Fieri.

Due to the fine balancing act required in most aspects of restaurant ownership, you can understand why some restaurant owners get a little tetchy about less-than-great reviews. That being said, there's bad ways of handling that criticism (say, showing up at your reviewer's house unannounced), and there's what Gary Usher, owner of the restaurant Hipsi, did.

Of course, in the world of restaurant ownership, there's bound to be a few hiccups along the way. That's just life, isn't it? So when Helen E complained on TripAdvisor about Hipsi not having the right type of lemonade for her dinner party (they had cloudy lemonade, but Helen wanted the clear stuff).

Helen says that despite having ordered £210 worth of wine, the staff were less than willing to go on a lemonade run for the party. "There was no movement on this at all so for the sake of a £1 bottle of lemonade and putting yourself out, the restaurant let us walk away," Helen said in her one-star review. Ouch.

Gary Usher did not take this review lying down. Taking a screenshot of the review, Gary talked online about the incident question, before destroying Helen in a series of cutting tweets. Trust me: you're going to want to get out the popcorn for this. First, he gave the real reason he didn't go on a lemonade run for Helen's party:

That's got to hurt. Just in case his above tweet ended up lost in translation, Gary doubled down on what he said above, revealing: "We often nip out for people’s requests. It’s part of great hospitality. We just don’t do it if you’re a rude c***." Doesn't mince words, does Gary. Then, things got really interesting, as Gary took on all-comers online with a series of sarcastic tweets.

As a person, I feel pretty qualified in saying that people can generally be the worst, and that goes especially when you're in customer service. Now for all of you waiting tables out there, it's probably not in your best interests to call out rude customers such as Helen E above. So instead, take a little pleasure in these savage responses from Gary, and remember that those customers eventually tend to get what's coming to them.